Rides in the Adventure Theme Park are open daily from 16th February – 10th November 2019


  • African Big Apple Coaster, Min 1.2m (or 1m if accompanied) 
  • Black Fly, Min 1.4m.
  • Congo Carousel, Min 1.2m (or 0.8m if accompanied) 
  • Desert Convoy, Min 0.8m.
  • Dr. Umboto’s Catacombs, Min 0.8m.
  • Flying Lion Kings, Min 0.8m.
  • Hurtling Hippos, Min 1.2m (or 1.0m if accompanied) 
  • Jungle Cat Dodgems, Min 1.2m (or 1.0m if accompanied) 
  • Jumbo Parade, Min 1.2m (or 1.0m if accompanied) 
  • Jungle Swings, Min 1.2m.
  • Kong, Min 1.2m.
  • Pirate Ship, Min 1.2m (or 1.0m if accompanied) 
  • Rescue Fire Rangers, Min 0.8m.
  • Rhino Rollercoaster, Min 1.2m (or 1.0m if accompanied) 
  • Serengeti Gallopers, Min 0.8m.
  • Shark Island, Min 1.2m (or 1.0m if accompanied) 
  • Slippery Snake Slide, Min 1.2m (or 0.8m if accompanied) 
  • Twister Coaster, Min 1.4m (or 1.2m if accompanied) 
  • Venom Tower Drop, Min 1.4m.
  • Wild River Rafting, Min 1.2m (or 1.0m if accompanied) 
  • Zambezi Water Splash, Min 1.2m (or 1.0m if accompanied) 


The rides will be open from 16th February – 10th November 2019.

2019 Prices:
Adult Wristband – £14.50 (16-64yrs)
Concessions Wristband – £13.50 (Student & Senior 65+)
Child Wristband – £12.50 (up to 15 yrs)
Little Penguin Wristband – £8.00 (children between 0.8m-1.0m in height)
Little Penguin Accompanying Adult – £8.00


1 Ride Ticket – £2.00
4 Ride Tickets – £7.00
6 Ride Tickets – £9.00


Please note: If your child is under 3 but tall enough to go on the rides, they will still need a wristband or ride tickets. These can be purchased on the day of your visit, in the Adventure Theme Park. 


  • Wristband and ride ticket prices are charged in addition to Park admission. 
  • Everyone, including under 3s, will need a wristband or ride tickets to go on the rides if they meet the minimum height requirements. Wristbands and ride tickets are available to purchase separately on the day of your visit from the Adventure Theme Park.
  • Tesco Clubcard Vouchers cannot be used for wristbands or ride tickets.
  • Wristband and ride tickets are only valid on the day of purchase.
  • Wristbands must be fitted by the cashier at the point of purchase, are non-transferable and invalid if removed.
  • Concession wristbands apply to senior citizens and students (with valid student ID). When a guest with disabilities purchases a full price adult or child wristband, one carer wristband will be provided free of charge. Please bring proof of blue badge, PIP or DLA on the day of your visit.
  • All rides are subject to minimum and/or maximum height restrictions, which we advise you to consider before purchasing a wristband or ride tickets.
  • Smallest rides require minimum 0.8m height, so wristbands will not be sold to anyone under 0.8m in standard footwear. 
  • Children may require adult accompaniment on some of the rides. The adult must make sure the child understands and follows all the instructions given by the ride operator.
  • Every person will require a wristband or appropriate ride tickets, including those accompanying small children.
  • For further information on height restrictions please see details of individual rides, or visit the Wristband Office in the Adventure Theme Park.